Is EthConnect another ponzi scheme?

EthConnect is one of the digital currencies that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to lend to its members. The EthConnect ICO started on 1st November 2017. It will be similar to Bitconnect. The company promises more than 50% of returns per month by giving loans through the platform. Users are only required to purchase tokens which are in turn used by the platform to provide loans to other members. EthConnect promises to offer token holders more investment opportunities in the coming days. You can trade your EthConnect, mine or stake it. But you can also make good money through referrals.

But is EthConnect a scam? Todays post is from the team at who will be sharing their honest view on EthConnect. You can also check out their full EthConnect review here and get all the details on EthConnect as well as other similar opportunities like BitConnect.

Ethconnect has become so popular recently, but most people do not have a clear what it is all about. We want to establish whether the claims made by the currency are genuine or false. Is EthConnect another ponzi scheme? This article will offer information that will attempt to answer this question that has not been tackled effectively by another article. We will show you how the platform works and advise users on investing in this cryptocurrency.

EthConnect Currency

Ethconnect plans to release more than 30 million coins around the world. The company has dealt with several users and has spotted two problems when transacting with them. Fraud being on the top of the list. But EthConnect is looking for fraud detection methods. Handling of record is another issue that the company is looking forward to solving within the shortest time possible.

EthConnect’s Smart Contract

EthConnect has developed this form of a contract to allow two users to complete a deal without involving third parties. The final transactions become public, but the names of users who carried out the transaction remain private.

EthConnect’s Security measures

Most people tend to question about their safety since the company is not regulated by any government. But the company uses blockchain database and technology that keeps all the transactions of users updated securely on their servers. This makes sure that nobody can carry out fraud by hacking the computer of users because the information is secured in the servers.

Ethconnect provides a platform where you can make good returns by lending money to other online users.

There are various investment portfolios which users can select from.

These include the following:

EthConnect Trading – This is one investment option provided by this platform but is not more profitable than lending. However, it can offer stable returns to users.

EthConnect Stacking – This is where users earn interest by acquiring EthConnect coins. It can help users to earn good revenue without them closely monitoring the transactions.

Ethconnect Mining – Users are allowed to mine using the EthConnect coins.

Is EthConnect another ponzi scheme?

Honestly, there is no doubt that EthConnect is another ponzi scheme. This means that it bound to collapse soon and that is why I cannot recommend anyone to risk investing in it. It may be another cryptocurrency Bitpetite.

My honest observation is that EthConnect will help earn good returns for a short period but ultimately it will collapse in the long run.

If you do not want to lose money to a ponzi scheme, then avoid investing in EthConnect.

EthConnect is a ponzi scheme and an outright scam. This is because this cryptocurrency has all the characteristics of a ponzi scheme. This cryptocurrency does not offer services or products on its lending platform. There is no technical information about the platform that is available online. There is no information about who has developed this platform. EthConnect is another pyramid scheme that users should avoid at all costs. This currency is not designed to solve any problem in the world today.

It mainly focuses on promising users about money guaranteeing results. There is no history of the members who are behind this platform. It involves a referral program and MLM scheme where users have lost their money in the past. It does not have a sustainable business model and thus cannot be reliable. EthConnect does not have whitepaper at all. It does not have new technology, and this makes it simply a ponzi scheme. Therefore, EthConnect is a useless cryptocurrency that is bound to collapse anytime soon. This article will help cryptocurrency investor make wise investment decisions while protecting from losing money to ponzi schemes.

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