Who is eligible?

Project Freedom has established a referral process with many of the hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nonprofit organizations in Michigan. These organizations work with persons with a variety of disabilities on a daily basis and are aware of the funding sources available for special-needs individuals. Project Freedom receives referrals from organizations that have assessed the patient’s ability to purchase this type of equipment and determined that the equipment will benefit the patient and his/her caregivers.

If you, or someone you know, can benefit from a lift, here is how you can help them begin the process. Contact a case manager or social worker at the hospital, rehabilitation center or nonprofit organization the patient has been working with. If they do not have a referral form, you can print one here for them. The referring organization completes the financial need evaluation and determines that the equipment will benefit the patient. This system protects patient privacy by reducing the number of organizations that have access to confidential financial information.

If you have any questions regarding Project Freedom and the referral process, email them here